Laminated Columns from a Clark County WI, Company

Whether you’re a contractor that regularly constructs post frame farm buildings and similar properties, or an individual landowner that’s looking to build a barn or similar structure, ensuring that the wooden posts you want to use to construct the frame are sufficiently durable for the job is always a priority. We are an established company that offers a high-grade range of wooden posts suitable for barns and a variety of related buildings, as well as the column bases needed to protect the posts from contact with the ground.

Competitively Priced Pole Building Posts

We recognize that price is always a key consideration for our customers. That’s why we keep costs low without reducing the quality of the product which you receive. Each of our glue nail laminated columns is made from premium materials to our carefully thought out design. Made to a demanding build spec and built to last, our posts offer excellent performance as well as being easy to maintain and extremely durable.

Pressure Treated Columns Available Here

All our columns are pressure treated with timber preservatives. This doesn’t just mean your structure will last for longer, it’s also a vital health & safety measure; left untreated, there is a risk that rot will set in which may result in the structure collapsing unexpectedly. Our columns are available in several different widths and two different lengths, ensuring our customers are able to construct pole barn buildings of almost any shape or size.

Free Stall Building Posts that Won’t Let You Down from a Clark County WI, Company

We have built our reputation on providing top-quality posts and foundations that are designed to cope with challenging environments at the same time as offering excellent performance. If required, we can fully assemble your order prior to delivery. To place an order, or find out more, call us at (715) 229-2240.